Marty is an all-female band based in Nottingham,

dedicated to experimenting with new sounds and styles and trying out a multitude of genres.

Their tracks have been heavily featured on BBC Introducing East Midlands with two tracks of the week on BBC Radio Nottingham and BBC Radio Derby.  They also recently placed 12th out of 800 artists in BBC Introducing in the east midlands top 25 most played artists of 2019

They have also supported bands and artists such as You Want Fox, The Soap Girls and The Rolling People. Marty have also been writing some songs with Chris Bourne and hope to release them in 2020


Keys, Vocals


Drums, Vocals


Guitar, Vocals, Bass


12th place in the top 25 most played artists of 2019


'You had plenty of 'iconic harmonies' to enjoy from Marty in 2019 so it's no wonder they made the #BBCIntroducing #MostPlayed list' 

‘With its accomplished sound and tight chorus harmonies, this

song has a maturity which belies the girl’s obvious youth. But it also has a blend of younger pop giving it a freshness that a more mature act lacks, think post Go-Gos early solo era Belinda Carlisle perhaps. It’s definitely got me wanting to hear more from Marty’ - Mark Wakeman Indie midlands 

'I am the owner of the Maze and have been for 12 years and in that time

have seen thousands of acts. You guys blew me away about tonight! You all have amazing voices and your harmonies are stunning plus your original material is very well written and catchy! I have had Jake Bugg, Saint Raymond, Kagoule and Sleaford Mods all do gigs here in their early days and you were easy as impressive as any' - The Maze Nottingham


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